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Our Process

Our Skills

Our Work

How We Work


We work using the Agile methodology. Agile allows us to start sooner and work faster. Each iteration is measured in weeks not months. These small increments of work helps us to be flexible as requirements change. Each iteration is a chance to tweak and adjust course.


There are different types of Agile. We’re a Scrum team. We work in 2 week iterations known as Sprints. At the end of each sprint we’ll meet with you to review work. Once a sprint is finished, we’ll plan a new sprint. At the end of each sprint you’ll see progress and source code.

Design Workshop

Every project kicks off with a design workshop. We’ll work to understand your vision and start
putting ideas on paper. At the end, we’ll have a plan to make your dream a reality.

Sketch Ideas

Build a Plan

Sprint Planning

Every sprint starts with a planning session. We plan two weeks of work on the parts you’re sure about.

Hard Work

For the next 2 weeks we’ll be heads down building out your product.

Sprint Review

At the end of each sprint, we’ll hand over up to date source code and settle the bill.

Get Started

What We Do

We write everything in Swift. We love its power, flexibility, and speed.

We love working with iOS. It’s strong foundation always gets us off to a good start.

We’re very excited about tvOS. For the first time ever, the TV is an open platform.

WatchOS give us a way to build even more intimate apps that become part of people’s lives.

Design is important from beginning to end. Not just how it looks, but how it works.

There are over 1.5 million apps available today. We can help get yours noticed.

What We’ve Done


Atoll is a saltwater coral digital library. It has scientific and hobby data available for hundreds of coral. It allows you to mark your favorite coral. Best of all, you can snap a photo of any coral and submit it for identification.

Atoll was built using CloudKit, Apples cutting edge server clusters for iOS. There’s no login, no passwords, just launch and your iCloud account is used to automatically log you in. There is no more seamless experience for users. For developers its fast, cheap, and extremely reliable.

Learn more at atollapp.io

The Echo

The Echo is an official app for the Clemson University Alumni Association. It provides up-to-the-minute news covering athletics, academics, Clemson World magazine, alumni updates, and more.

Easily choose the type of stories you’re interested in for a customized experience. Easily share big news right from the app to your favorite social network. Reconnect with classmates through the Tigers on the Move feed.